I've always had a passion for putting stuff together and taking them apart again, which ultimatelly led me to programming. Web dev is my passion now, and I aim to share as much knowldge as I can.


  • Understanding network overhead

    As web developers, we all obsess over asset size and what we can do to reduce them. Switching minifiers, inlining ATF assets, using CDNs is some of tricks we use to reduce download speeds, but keeping files small is just part of the battle. The other half is network latency and the overhead of actually establishing a connection with your servers. In this blog post we will investigate what happens in the time between when...
    network latency web-performance
  • Functional operations in ES6

    There’s no denying a lot of cool stuff will be coming in ES6. Generators, classes, modules, proxies, and a lot more goodies which will bring JavaScript into the modern age of programming. But for this short Blog post, we’ll be focusing only on the functional aspect of the upcoming ES6 changes. The goal is to rewrite common operations available natively in other functional programming languages into JavaScript (with mostly one liner expressions). All these examples...
    functional-programming javascript tutorial
  • Dynamic Page Assembly using Service Workers

    There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Service Workers recently, and rightfully so. They allow background processing, push notifications, offline applications, and most importantly, intercepting network requests and returning cached resourced. The former will have the biggest impact on page load times, and is the basis for this Blog post. We will leverage offline caches and network intercepts to dynamically alter regular HTTP pages using Service Workers. The server will send just a skeleton of a...
    service-workers tutorial